Q: What specifically is inside the box?
A: It’s impossible for us to know what will go in the boxes until right before we ship them. Roll the dice.

Q: What is *Insuta-bae?
A:  The process to decide what goes in a Robot Flyer box is rigorous and takes a lot of time. It’s fun for sure, but it’s also a job we take seriously. Every day we scan Japanese pop-culture websites to see what’s hot. Every few days we walk to our favorite shops and through neighborhoods around Tokyo to observe what locals are wearing and buying.

What jumps out at us? What makes us send photos of it to our friends immediately? We add items that we’re excited about to our internal database and review it weekly to filter down to what still bring us joy (and is within budget).

Q: Is this a good gift for kids?
A: There will be items in the box appropriate for children because this is Japan and everything is cute, but this isn’t specifically a box for kids. We do our best to ensure the items are not tied to a specific gender and there is a range of items that appeal to a variety of interests. If anything is for 18+, then we will discreetly wrap and mark it appropriately.

Q: What kind of snacks are in the box
A: The snacks are vegan (no animals products).

Q: Can we return the items if we don’t like them?
A: Nope, sorry, there are no returns. I’m sure some of the favorite people in your life will be delightfully surprised to receive the items you don’t want.

Q: When do you ship?
A: The Winter Surprise Box will ship at the beginning of September from Japan so that it arrives in time for Dec. 25th.

Q: Will you offer other boxes?
A: Yes, the next box will be available in Spring 2018.

Q: What if there is a problem with my box (damaged, etc.)?
A: Contact us and we’ll work with you to ensure you are delighted.