Surprise! Boxes From Japan

Limited Time Only

Japan is famous for many things: pop-up stores and limited edition goods high on that list. If you fall in love with something, you better grab it fast, otherwise it'll slip between your fingers. That's why Robot Flyer Surprise! boxes are only available to purchase for one month, we can't get these items ever again!

Robot Flyer Surprise! box items must meet our Insuta-bae インスタ映え scale. Items may include edibles (vegan), toys, electronics, something practical and just as likely something ridiculous. It's impossible for us to know what will go in the boxes until right before they are shipped, so you need to trust us.

Robot Flyer Box

Inside the Box

only the best for you

-English explanation

-Gashapon in a capsule






-and more!



four boxes per year

We have scheduled the Surprise! boxes to be available for sale around popular holidays.

Nov. 1st - 30th, 2017
Winter Surprise! Box

Jan. 1st - 31st, 2017
Love Blossoms Surprise! Box

Robot Flyer Camera

Insuta-bae Scale


Our curation process is rigorous. Every day we scan Japanese pop-culture websites to see what's hot. Every few days we walk to our favorite shops and through neighborhoods around Tokyo to observe what locals are wearing and buying.


"1000 Points of Otaku Cred"

I had fun with the Robot Flyer package so much thanks! I’m now the proud owner of a sushi cat and my bathroom contains an amazing skeleton with his own mini toilet. I even put the Cup no Fuchiko on a model I 3D-printed recently because of that =+1000 points of otaku cred.” 

-Delighted and Surprised Customer

About Us

Bonner Family

The Robot Flyer Surprise! box curators are partners Sean Bonner and Tara Tiger Brown who live in Tokyo, Japan. Sean is a well-know pop culture expert that has been featured on Cool Hunting. Tara is the owner of KitHub, a company that provides fun kits for learning.

In Summer 2017 we moved to Tokyo from Los Angeles with our son and cat. After traveling back and forth between the US and Japan for more than a decade, we decided to try living in Tokyo. Truth be told, we may die from cute overload. 

"Bonner is a subculture clairvoyant on the cusp of technology and social trends" - Cool Hunting

"Tara Tiger Brown put L.A. startups on the map. Next stop? Tokyo." - P.C. Magazine



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Worldwide Shipping

The products in the Robot Flyer Surprise! box are all procured and shipped from Japan. We are offering a flat rate shipping charge of $25 to anywhere in the world. 

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1. What specifically is inside the Surprise! box?

It's impossible for us to know what will go in the boxes until right before we ship them. Roll the dice.

2. Is this a good gift for kids?

There may be some items in the Surprise! box appropriate for kids, but no, this isn’t specifically for kids and we assume it’s being purchased by adults. We do our best to ensure the items are not tied to a specific gender and there is a range of items that appeal to a variety of interests.

3. What kind of snacks are in the box

The snacks are vegan (no animals products).

4. Can we return the items if we don’t like them?

Nope, sorry, there are no returns. I’m sure some of the favorite people in your life will be delightfully surprised to receive the items you don’t want.

5. When do you ship?

The Winter Surprise! Box will ship at the beginning of December from Japan so that it arrives in time for Dec. 25th.

6. Will you offer other boxes?

Yes, the Love Blossoms Surprise! box will be available in Spring 2018.

Prepare To Be Surprised!

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